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Multiple variations available in a range of materials to suit the application. Click the link to see our range.


  • Hydraulics & pneumatics
  • Hose & pipe assemblies
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Classic cars
  • Fasteners
  • And many more…


Metal product tags are a vital accessory in the identification of tube and cable installations, and without them the role of many professionals within the hydraulics and pneumatics, hose and pipe assembly, commercial vehicle, classic car and fastener industries would be made even more difficult.

Here at Birmingham Specialities, we provide metal product tags and stampings in a wide range of sizes, patterns and materials, suitable for use across several applications.

A simple and durable solution

Utilising our metal product tags and stampings is not only an efficient and effective route to attaching the appropriate information to specific tubes, cables, hoses, pipes and other installed products, but a great way to increase security across the entirety of the assembly. Our metal product tags may look simple, but they are extremely durable to ensure secure identification is always possible. We manufacture our stampings and metal product tags in a number of quality assured materials, including aluminium, brass and steel.

Suitable for all environments

Even installed tubes, cables, hoses and pipes situated in the most hostile and challenging environments needn’t go without the necessary information. Our markers are durable enough to withstand difficult conditions in demanding locations. Permanent and high quality, once embossed, our easy to fit metal product tags and stampings are also quick and simple to read, even in dimly lit or inaccessible places.

Choose from our single end, double end, wide body, standard fit or recess fit metal product tags in our CP range or explore products in our CM, CS and CSW collections to discover the perfect identification tag for your organisation. Can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard ranges? Our bespoke design service extends to the development of product identification tags, simply get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Range of Identification Tags