Dipsticks / Fluid Level Indicators

Bespoke Dipsticks

Fluid Level Indicators

A wide variety of the below, all of which adaptable to meet specific requirements...

  • Handle style
  • Flat or coiled body
  • Blade configuration
  • Seating body
  • Mating adaptor
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Dipsticks / Fluid Level Indicators

As a leading supplier of dipsticks and fluid level indicators, our high quality products are already trusted and chosen by a wide range of commercial vehicle, off highway and diesel engine specialists. We have been designing and developing dipsticks since we opened our doors, and thanks to our use of the latest and greatest technologies and techniques, our experienced engineers are able to deliver exceptional quality whatever your requirements.

Designed with you in mind

In addition to manufacturing standard dipsticks and fluid level indicators to the highest possible standards, we also deliver bespoke designs to all who require them. Every aspect of the standard dipstick or fluid level indicator can be customised to your exact specifications, including its handle, body and blade configuration. Our dipsticks and fluid level indictors can be designed to solve almost any issue encountered within the modern day engine, and our designers work with you to ensure any challenges can be overcome and your requirements fulfilled.

Adapt every aspect to suit your application

Choose from a flat or coiled body, select a blade configuration that suits your application, personalise your seating body, adapt your design to include or remove mating tubes, or opt for your dipstick handle to be manufactured in a diverse range of materials. We provide a wide range of handle styles in a variety of materials, including, but not limited to, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and fabricated steel. The design of your bespoke dipstick or fluid level indicator can also be modified to incorporate flat or round wire blade and close coiled flexible shafts, ideal for quick and easy routing around particularly tight bends.

Find precise and reliable liquid volume readings every time courtesy of our expertly designed and developed dipsticks and fluid level indicators, available in a range of materials, lengths and measurements.

Bespoke Development

Handle Style

Moulded Handle Style


O-Ring Handle Style


Expansion Handle Style


Ferrule Handle Style


Push-Fit Handle Style


Available in a variety of materials, colours, sizes and configurations produced and assembled to customer specific requirements.

Body Style

Coiled Wire Body Style

Coiled Wire

Spring Steel Body Style

Spring Steel

Wave Raise Body Style

Wave Raise

V Raise Body Style

V Raise

Twist Form Body Style

Twist Form

Flexible coiled wire or flat spring steel body produced to the desired length with optional forms available at request.

Blade Style

Marked Blade Style


Notched Blade Style


Ball Bearing Blade Style

Ball Bearing

Impression Blade Style


Profile Blade Style


Utilising a wide range of marking, profiling and forming techniques to suit specific oil levels and identification requirements.

Seating Tube

Seating Tube

Nylon Seating tube to the required length.

Mating Adaptor

Notched Mating Adaptor


Knurled Mating Adaptor


Free Rotating Mating Adaptor

Free Rotating

Bespoke adaptors machined to specification to suit the mating application.