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EDM Machine for Tool Manufacture
  • Design & Development
  • STP & IGS Files Accomodated
  • EDM Wire Erosion
  • Precision Production
  • Process Approval
  • In-House Maintenance
Drawings Loaded to EDM

Tool Design & Manufacture

Finding the tool you need to fulfil your own customer’s requirements isn’t always easy but here at Birmingham Specialities our bespoke tool design and manufacture service ensures you can have access to the design and development expertise you require to make and maintain the custom tool of your choice.

Our tooling department is fully equipped and its engineers well-trained and experienced to deliver unrivalled capabilities and the highest level of service quality. We work hard to maximise production, reduce operational costs and help you realise many more advantages that go hand-in-hand with tool design and manufacture.

Precision production every step of the way

From concept to completion our design and development team keep precision and quality high on the agenda. Whatever your requirements, we use the latest and greatest tools and techniques to deliver a quality of service unrivalled by our competitors. Our capabilities ultimately allow us to make and maintain a wide range of tools, and we take pride in providing a complete service to all our customers.

In addition to accommodating STEP and IGES files, we use EDM machining, more specifically EDM wire erosion, to provide greater design freedom and more precise production.

Tool design, development and beyond

As well as providing a seamless link between design and production, our tooling department assists long after your tool has been fully approved. Our commitment to quality keeps our tool maintenance offering first class, and again we use the most up to date technologies to provide an in-house maintenance service like no other. Thanks to our maintenance service the tools we design and develop on your behalf can remain in peak condition and deliver optimum performance.

Want to get started? Find out more about our tool design and manufacture service, and our in-house maintenance processes, by getting in touch with the Birmingham Specialities team today.

Complex CAD Tool Design