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Spin Riveting in Assembly
  • Stud & Nut Insertion
  • Spin & Orbital Riveting
  • Brazing & Welding
  • Mechanical Deburring
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Aqueous Cleaning
Stud Insertion in Assembly

Sub Assembly & Finishing

In addition to providing the standard and bespoke presswork required for your specific application, our professional services extend to delivering metal assemblies. Courtesy of our state-of-the-art, on-site facility, metal assemblies that meet your exact specifications are possible, and our range of sub assembly and finishing equipment plus our time served expertise within these areas mean that the most complex components can be prepared for their integration into parent products.

What is sub assembly?

Sub assembly is the production of numerous machined components destined for integration into a single unit, or parent product. These components will form one part of a larger, more complex assembly. Here at Birmingham Specialities, we utilise several hand and machine sub assembly and finishing techniques to ensure metal assemblies of varying materials are of the highest quality.

Our engineers use stud and nut insertion, spin and orbital riveting, brazing and welding, mechanical deburring, drilling and tapping, and aqueous cleaning to achieve the finished, ready to use components that you have been searching for. Stud and nut insertion in particular is a very cost effective and efficient manufacturing support solution. Ideal for the fixing of sheet metal components without the need for fabrication, stud insertion is an excellent option for parts that don’t suit the welding process or that need to be separated at a later date.

Quality results whatever your requirements

As with our pressings, presswork and CNC machining capabilities, we have the in-house facilities and longstanding expertise to fulfil your sub assembly and finishing needs. We have the tools and techniques to manufacture metal assemblies in all capacities, and the capabilities to provide quality whether you are looking for complex components or standard sub-assemblies.

To find out more about our metal assemblies and the facilities and techniques used to create them, please contact our team direct.

Aqueous Cleaning Unit