Power Presses in Operation

Pressing to Perfection


Large Power Press
  • 125 Tonne Maximum Capacity
  • High Volume Coil Feed
  • Progression Presswork
  • Secondary Operations
  • Small Batch Production
  • Efficient Capacity Planning
Power Presses in Operation


Our metal presswork, stamping design and manufacturing service sits at the centre of our offering, and our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in serving multiple industries with standard and bespoke presswork alike. For many years now we have delivered unrivalled presswork and metal forming capabilities, and from our Birmingham based headquarters, we continue to supply the quality and precision that you and other professionals servicing customers in other market sectors need to a high specification and at the most competitive price point.

What is presswork?

For those unfamiliar with the presswork process, the methods of producing presswork can be rather complex. Using the latest technology and techniques, including our state-of-the-art press machinery, we are able to manufacture presswork efficiently, effectively and effortlessly. Presswork is a method that transforms the sheet metal you may be familiar with into a variety of shapes, and using a great level of force, our machine tools can press and punch these sheets into workpieces that cater to your exact requirements.

We press to your exact requirements

As experts in sheet metal forming, we are able to complete stamping production using a wide range of material thicknesses and have the capacity to ensure the very best result when manufacturing standard and bespoke intricate parts, regardless of your desired workpiece’s length or width or the applied press force. We can provide you with the highest quality progression presswork courtesy of our specialism in large and small batch production from our fully equipped, centrally based West Midlands workshop. Thanks to our 125 tonne maximum capacity, experience in ensuring efficient capacity planning and high volume coil feed, we’ve never had to turn a job down.

Discover the benefits of precision presswork for yourself by contacting our dedicated and friendly team today, and discover single source solutions and a high quality outcome.

Second Operations with Inspection